Supplier Interface

An integral part of an efficient e-Procurement system is the Supplier interface.
Designed with wide input from suppliers, our design reflects an integrated work flow approach, which provides your supplier base with an easy to use response interface to your requests for submissions

FREE Supplier Registration

  • Supplier registration is quick and easy, with a simple one-page registration process, which can be completed in just a few minutes, allowing suppliers to ensure their contact details are current and kept up to date.
  • An option to have suppliers accept your Terms & Conditions prior to registration or on every subsequent Log in is provided.
  • Supplier Industry classifications can be provided as a standard set of default Classifications with the ability to Add or Delete classifications as required.
  • Once registered Suppliers are provided with an encrypted Password for future use with your Portal. This can be changed by the Supplier if required.

Supplier Support

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Tab provides additional user support, which, coupled with the ability to seek on-line instant help, e-mail response support and a (1800 EPROCURE) Telephone Help Support service, ensures your supplier base has all the support they need to efficiently manage their responses.